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How I Found an Excellent Blog Name Before Launching

A good name is more desirable than great riches (Prov 22:1 NIV).  This is the process that I went through to come up with a blog name while researching how to start a blog …

Cognomen: any name, especially a nickname.

When I started thinking about starting a blog, one of the first tasks that I needed to tackle was to come up with a name.  One of the resources that I found to help with the task was How To Brainstorm Blog Name Ideas You’ll Love by Hatch & Scribe.  In that post, Jacob walks through steps to guide you through a process to come up with and validate name ideas.

Brainstorming Ideas To Make Up An Excellent Blog Name

Write out as many ideas as you can, and don’t try to make a decision from the first round of ideas

Blog Name Brainstorming

The following steps were derived from How To Brainstorm Blog Name Ideas You’ll Love:

“A great name can get peoples’ imaginations going even before they visit your site.” -Hatch and Scribe

  1. Once I narrowed the focus of what I wanted the main theme of my blog to be about, I was able to start brainstorming by finding individual words that described that topic.
  2. By using Thesaurus.com, I came up with some unique descriptive words.
  3. Then, I looked at the blog from a variety of points of view and repeated step 2 with words that came to mind from these new points of view.

“Write out as many ideas as you can, and don’t try to make a decision from the first round of ideas.

The following steps were derived from Blog Beautician’s YouTube video:

These steps are intended to help get the brainstorming process flowing to find a great Blog name, company name or e-book title.

Step 1: Answer the question “What is my Blog about?” with single-word answers.

  1. What value will the blog bring to your audience?
  2. List three key words you would want readers to associate with your blog.
  3. What is the core theme of your blog? Think of some of the topics you will write about.
  4. Define your ideal reader.  Make an avatar of that person.  The more vivid and detailed, the better!
  5. What feelings or awareness do you intend for your blog invoke?
  6. Think about blogs or brands that you love? What about them do you identify with?
  7. Now, plug these descriptive words into thesaurus.com to explore additional words with the similar meaning.

Step 2: Create lists of words that describe your brand.

Let the words you wrote rest for a while; maybe even overnight.  Now, go through the words from step 1 and separate out the words that best describe your brand. Put them in thesaurus.com or google them to generate even more words with the similar meaning.

Step 3: Answer the question “What do I do/Who am I?” relative to the work with single-word answers.

We all have many roles and titles.  We are children to our parents and parents to our children for example.  Think about the relationship between yourself and the central theme of your blog. Maybe you are the Master or Magician.

Step 4: Combine words from Step 2 and 3.

Step 5: List variations of the words such as verb tenses.

Step 6: Add words /make up variations of the words.

You can get silly or serious while brainstorming.  Try adding -licious -licity -able

Step 7: What variation would sound good as a domain name?

Make sure it is easy and intuitive to spell, catchy and uplifting.

Step 8: Check the availability of the domain name.

namechk.com is the site I used to check the availability of a name that I came up with.  Below are some of the potential names that I tested for availability:


I hope that by telling my story, you get inspired to create your own web presence!  Let me know how this has inspired or helped you by commenting below and follow my progress in this adventure by signing up to be notified of my progress in this adventure!

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