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Niche Marketing is a Mainstay for a Successful Blog

While researching how to create a successful Blog, I came across some compelling information on Niche Marketing from a PDF Report, How To Choose A Topic by Yaro Starak. The section on “How To Research The Internet To Find Money Topics” is key to working niche marketing into blogging.

Section One: Initial thoughts on Niche Marketing

There is a link in the document to an interview with Adam Short, discussing how to sell e-books using the same tools and techniques that make a Blog success.

Adam offers a course and support to learn and apply information on making a profit in niche marketing.  Adam’s website is niche profit classroom. That site says that there is currently a wait list to join.  This might be a good outlet for information that we have learned about Celiac or lessons that I learned from Pastor Bill as some starter concepts.

The concept would be to commission my daughter to write about her experience with Celiac and Gluten to include all that we have learned in the past few years and build a site based on this knowledge and resources she makes use of.  I intend to talk to Pastor Bill’s children about making his material available for marketing as material for exploration.  One more source of digital material to fill a niche might be Uncle Ray’s photographs.

Another option might be to compile an e-book on one of my recent favorite hobbies, Ukulele.  While I can’t teach how to play, I can curate how I went about learning and help people spend more time learning and avoid previewing lessons that I decided not to pursue.

With any of the above concepts as base material for an e-book, a multi-media product line can be expanded from them for follow-on product lines.

Section Two: Back to Basic Blogging

For now, that concept will have to wait until the first blog is up and running successfully, but promises some really interesting and compelling material for study.

Following the same basic principles that bring traffic into the niche marketing site I will create apply to monetizing my Blog.  The initial source of income from a Blog is making it worthwhile for advertisers to place ads on my Blog page.

Section Three: Ads as a source of income from a Blog

Google’s Adsense program is a cost per click (CPC) ad network reported to be one of the most successful.

The following are cost per thousand (mil) visitors (CPM) to be explored:

  1. Pulsepoint.com
  2. AdClickMedia.com
  3. Adbrite.com
  4. Adify.com
  5. Technoratimedia.com
  6. Casalemedia.com

Section Four: Affiliate Product Sales as a source of income from a Blog

Another source of income from a Blog is Affiliate Product Sales.  This works by referring people who view my Blog post to an Affiliates product.

Some Affiliate Product programs to be explored include:

  1. Affiliate-program.amazon.com
  2. FlexOffers.com
  3. CJ.com
  4. Shareasale.com
  5. E-Junkie.com
  6. LinkShare.com
A Goal is a Dream with a date attached to it!

Having a Blog that produces income is a dream for many

The Goal will be to learn and employ the best practices so that within 90 days of creating my website, a measurable income will be realized.  So, I will set a tentative goal date to see my first dollar as 10 October 2016.

The name of the game for any of the aforementioned methods of creating income on the web is to get traffic to my pages.  For a Blog that means:

  1. Blog commenting
  2. Guest posting
  3. blog community sites
    1. Blogcarnival.com
  4. Join directories
    1. Dir.Yahoo.com
    2. BOTW.org
    3. DMOZ.org
    4. Blogged.com
    5. JoeAnt.com
    6. Greenstalk.com
    7. Familyfriendlysites.com
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Boy have I got a lot to learn!  Now that I have finished school, I can start diving deep into blogging and niche marketing!

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