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Last Minute Guide For New Years Resolution Breakthrough

What is your New Year’s Resolution this year?  Did you make one last year?  If so did you achieve what you set out to accomplish?  Not me!  Didn’t make one.  In fact, I cannot even remember the last time I did make a new year’s resolution.

The concept of making a resolution on New Year’s Day never made much sense to me.  Whenever I decided to do something, I would just resolve right then and there to accomplish it.  Why wait until New Year’s Day to start? Just because it happens to be New Year’s Day, I could not arbitrarily decide that there is something I am willing to dedicate my energy to.

If you read my post on creating habits, you will see that I am apt to resolve myself to reaching my objectives all the time.

Why would you want to make a resolution for next year?

Something makes us want to make life better.  The only thing that will make you happy is to make progress.  I love tracking my progress and celebrating little victories along the way!

Resolution means that you have resolved to do something.  Making progress is the secret to being happy.  Making progress to that monumental something that you have resolved to accomplish in the next year could bring you happiness.

Last Minute Guide For New Years Resolution Breakthrough

Make a resolution right now!

Look back before looking forward.

As you begin drafting your resolution for next year, reflect on 2016. Review the entire calendar.  Ask yourself “What did I achieve?” Turn your experience into insight.  Look at the area of Businesses / Relationships / Finance / Family / Faith

Stay in a positive state throughout the process by expressing gratitude for the blessings of the past year.  Now ask yourself the question that Ray Edwards uses to prepare for the year ahead.  “What do I most want to be thankful for one year from now?” – Ray Edwards.  Let this become a focus for the New Year.“What do I most want to be thankful for one year from now?” - Ray Edwards Click To Tweet

This nugget is from a fantastic primer for preparing for the new year, ACHIEVE WHAT MATTERS MOST IN 2017 by Michael Hyatt

Three Components of a compelling Resolution:

  1. Have a Vision.  “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” – Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)
  2. Strong enough Reasons to Follow Through
  3. Got to Review it and Feel it Every Day

Where there is no vision, the people perish. - Proverbs 29:18 (KJV) Click To Tweet

Your vision has to be something that compels you. Compel means pulls you forward. There is a big difference between being pulled forward and having to push.  So many resolutions fail because of a lack of compelling vision.

Develop a compelling vision with a strong enough reason that it keep you up at night and wakes you up early in the morning to get on with accomplishing your vision.

This week, I just happened to be looking up a quote from Tony Robbins for something I was writing and came across his New Year, New You video:

Four Steps to Creating Your New Year’s Resolution

Whether it is New Year’s Day or not, right now is the best time to make a resolution!  Grab a pen and paper and follow these steps to develop  your compelling resolution.

Step 1

Select an area of your life you would like to improve and describe what that area is like for you currently.

Be specific!  Write the truth as it is now.

Step 2

What are the rituals that have shaped your current conditions in this area.

Be honest!

Step 3

Write down what you want.  What’s your compelling vision?

Be specific!

Step 4

Write down the rituals or habits that will get you your compelling vision.  What would you need to do differently each day to get what you want?

Here’s Why I’m Making a Resolution this Year

During the month of December, a number of influences have got me thinking about what 2017 will be like for me.  Most years, January follows December just like another month.  Being a new year never really spoke to me very much.

What makes this New Year special?  Maybe because of the things I completed and new things that I started in 2016.  The most significant is probably that I started blogging.  Completing a Master’s Degree in the spring of 2016 left a vacancy in my need for a contribution and growth goal to work toward.  As the Master’s program came to a close, I started looking for what I would do next.  You can read more in my 1st blog post.

Don’t worry if you missed New Year’s Day to make your resolution.  You can start right now!

If you would like to share what you are resolved to do, I would love to hear it!  Join me in the Citadel of Paladin Facebook Group.

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