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Leave A Legacy Of Prosperity For Your Children

Set new expectations of American life for your Children that will bring about unparalleled prosperity for their generation. The concept of leaving an impact on the world can be scary. Intentionally deciding what your legacy will be is awe inspiring. It can feel overwhelming.

Have you begun to contemplate the concept of raising children? What legacy are you going to leave them? Whether you have children already or not, the actions you take today are shaping the world that your children will inherit.

Before Having Children, Think About Their Future

Before you ever have children is the best time to start thinking about the future you will leave for them.

I’m not talking about the material wealth you will accumulate and leave as an inheritance for them. I am talking about participating in the American economic system and bolstering it.

Don’t make your children cope with the same mess that young people are living with today.

Realization Strikes

One day you wake up and the realization hits you that the decisions you make now affect not only your future but the future of your offspring. The fate of generations is in your hands. Wow, what a thought.

The question is – what will you do with it? Keep living for the here and now or start making the best future possible as your legacy?The fate of generations is in your hands. Wow, what a thought Click To Tweet

For those who grew up during one of America’s most challenging decades, finding a reference for what it means to leave a legacy might be difficult. The past fifteen years has often been likened to the great depression. The American economy has seen some radical changes since 2001.

We witnessed the real estate bubble burst in 2008. Home foreclosures ransacked neighborhoods. That crisis affected all homes values. Prior to that, it was thought that home values would continue to rise indefinitely.

The bubble bursting disillusioned many young people. Seeing their parents go through such a devastating experience caused so many to lose hope in the American dream altogether.

Placing Blame or Taking Responsibility

A search for the reason painted those who retained their wealth with a sinister brush. For them to do well must be the reason that the rest suffered. Maybe it was the cost of education that caused the suffering. Or maybe if the minimum wage were higher there would be less suffering.

None of those popular myths were the cause of the suffering. As with various facets of life, the cause is much less important than what you choose to do going forward. What you do will bring about not only your prosperity but also that of your descendants.

Visualize the Legacy that You Will Leave for Your Children

It all starts with a vision of what you can achieve. Find out what is truly holding you back.It all starts with a vision of what you can achieve Click To Tweet

Others are moving forward, accumulating wealth and investing for a better future than they inherited. Don’t waste time being resentful of them.

Tipping at windmills will not improve your future. Trying to take from those that achieved or are in the process of achieving the dream will not improve your situation.

Actions that move you toward your next milestone along the route to your financial independence will make your dreams a reality. It is simple but it is not easy.

Clear Vision Of The American Dream

Developing a Clear Vision Of The American Dream

The Future Doesn’t Have to Equal the Past

Make the world you leave to your children better than what your parents left for you.

An article in Foreign Policy Magazine lists numerous reasons that young people have lost faith in capitalism as a result of the legacy left by their parents. Now is the time to make a different outcome for your children and generations to come.

Now is the time to make a different outcome for your children and generations to come.

Have you considered how you will live out your personal dream in America? Does your dream include a clear picture of the future you are creating for your children? To help you develop your vision, take a look at my post

To help you develop your vision, take a look at my post-A New Crystal Clear Vision Of The American Dream.

Set Your Course

When is the best time to determine your life goals? Yesterday. But if you have not already, then right now is the best time to do it that is still available to you.

As I was preparing for 2017, I read a post by Anna Reel titled  What will your focus be in 2017?  She had a great quote from Viktor Frankl in the article that says,

“Live as if you were living already for the 2nd time and as if you had acted the 1st time as wrongly as you are about to act now!”

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