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Scarce Vocational Perks Former Generations Banked On

Oh, how to revive the job perks that former generations took for granted — promotions, growing wages, benefits, pensions, mutual loyalty between employers and employees!

In days gone by, there were a number of perks that a loyal employee took for granted.  It was common for people to finish school and begin a career at a company or firm where they would work for twenty to forty years and then enjoy a fitting retirement.In days gone by, there were a number of perks that a loyal employee took for granted Click To Tweet

Then one day that all changed.  In fact, many things changed simultaneously during the first decade of the 21st Century.  It seems the whole world changed. Read More →

How To Write Effective Resumes For Better Careers

Whether you are currently unemployed, underemployed or possibly still a student searching for a job, a well-written and formatted resume will help you land the best job for your qualifications.  Creating an impressive resume is a critical skill which will enable you to move up in your chosen career field.

Many highly skilled and knowledgeable adults are underemployed in America.  One contributing factor to this problem is an inability to present your value to the prospective employer in a resume.  This is something that you can fix in a day or so with some good training. Read More →