Why I am So Enthusiastic About Blog Monetizing

This post begins the transition from telling you how I started blogging to getting into what Paladin is all about.  Paladin is all about helping you embrace the American Dream of earning a living while doing something you are passionate about.  In my case, that means sharing my experiences that have brought about great success.  By helping people through this and other media, I will soon be able to realize blog monetizing.

Blog Monetizing

Five sources of income from Blog Monetizing

The dream of most bloggers and anyone who creates material for the web is to develop an income from what they post.  There are many ways to develop this income.  The concept of developing income from an online venture whether it is a food blog, YouTube channel or podcast is called monetizing.  Blogging was one of many ventures that I contemplated as a project to pursue after completing my Master’s Degree program.  I had also considered writing a book or creating a course.  The research showed me that by creating a blog and developing a relationship with those that read the blog, I could amass material that would form the foundation for one of the other projects.  Courses and books are good sources of income that can come out of this blogging project.

Many of today’s thoughts were inspired by an article from Barrett Brooks on Fizzle’s Sparkline.

From reading Barrett’s article, it sounds like my head is in a good place in terms of making money from my Blog.  One key facet or factor to make money is to consider what will be marketed via the Blog up front rather than develop traffic first and then figure out what to sell.

Sources of income from Blog Monetizing

My initial thoughts were that advertising would be the main source of income from a blog, but from what I have learned this first week of doing research is that the good money comes from marketing your own material.

In addition to advertisers paying for space on a page that has drawn lots of views, blog monetizing can come from marketing one of the following revenue types:

  1. Services
  2. Information
  3. Physical things
  4. Software

Of those options, I listed a few thoughts about marketing information in a previous post, Niche Marketing is a Mainstay for a Successful Blog.  Photographs might be considered physical things.  A combination of the three sources, Information, Physical things and Advertising Space, should provide a diversified, multi-stream income flow.

9-step process to blog monetizing

So, here’s the 9-step process on how to monetize a blog:

  1. Identify a central theme for the blog
  2. Define the perfect audience that will embrace that theme
  3. Identify what value you will provide to the audience
  4. Start a blog, You Tube channel or a podcast
  5. Grow an audience
  6. Learn about your audience’s problems or pain points related to your niche
  7. Use your platform to create a product or service that solves one or more audience problem
  8. Sell that thing
  9. Mai-tais on the beach

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