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If you are young person who has seen your dreams fade in the light of today’s challenges, you have come to the right place!  Paladin for Prosperity is here to share inspiration and encouragement for you to grab hold of the American Dream and assist you in developing a plan to realize your unique Dream.


Motivated by an article in Foreign Policy magazine entitled “Why Young Americans Are Giving Up on Capitalism” by Sarah Kendzior, this blog was started to revive hope in the American Dream that is grounded in capitalism.  The target audience is a young American college undergraduate student who has been harangued by an educational system that has lost sight of the economic principles that made America great.  The approach is intended to illuminate, not squabble over doctrine and dogma of various economic systems.  The desired outcome is a reader motivated and equipped to participate in the American Free Enterprise system.

If you love America and remember what it feels like to have a dream, and believe financial freedom is in your future, you should feel right at home here!


The name Paladin for Prosperity is a play on my Family name.  My Surname, Edwards was derived from an old English word meaning “prosperity guard” (House of Names 2016).  A Paladin is a knight renowned for heroism and chivalry or an officer of the palace.

My hope is that you through my site, you will be inspired and motivated to find a renewed hope in your future. Both inspirational posts and concrete guidance on tactics you can use to go after your dreams will be shared through this site.

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