6 Section Strategy To Launch My Blog

In my first blog entry (Preliminary Strategy for My First Blog Effort), I outlined a framework for a Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M).  In this post, I will begin to flesh out my plan to launch my blog and give it some structure.

Study and Adopt Techniques from those that have gone beforeSection One: Study and adopt techniques to launch my blog from those that have gone this way before.

  1. Basic principles:
    1. Use what proved successful and avoid pitfall they have already made
    2. Study product launch tutorials and reviews
  2. Resources;  Three reading resources that I have given a once over to include:
    1. How to Make Money Blogging: How I Replaced My Day Job With My Blog by Bob Lotich.
      1. Supplement “14 Point Checklist for New Bloggers”
    2. Step-By-Step Guide to Make Money Blogging by entrepreneurs-journey.com
      1. Download e-book Blog Profits Blueprint
    3. Start a Blog that Matters” by Fizzle
  3. Production resources
    1. WordPress
    2.  Host
      1. SiteGround
        1. (If you sign up with SiteGround through this link, you will get a great deal and I will receive some compensation for the referral.)
      2. Hostgator
      3. WordPress
      4. Bluehost
    3. E-mail newsletter
      1. MailerLite
    4. Plugins
      1. WP Super Cache
      2. Yoast SEO
      3. Google Analytics by Yoast
      4. List Builder by SumoMe
      5. SumoMe Share
      6. Better WordPress Google XML Sitemap
      7. Akismet
      8. Contact Form 7
    5. Accounts to Setup
      1. WordPress
      2. Chosen host
      3. E-mail newsletter
    6. Social Media Accounts for your website/business
      1. iTunes podcast
      2. YouTube
      3. Facebook
      4. Twitter
      5. Pinterest

Section Two: Commit to a minimum level of production every day/week to launch my blog and exceed that minimum

  1. Identify metrics that are a good measure and keep track of them.
  2. Write and publish at least two guest articles on other websites and make sure they link back to your site each week.

Section Three: Tasks or steps to accomplish to launch my blog

  1. Develop my topics
  2. Buy a domain name
    1. Namecheap
    2. WordPress
    3. Hostgator
    4. Bluehost
    5. SiteGround
  3. Set up Accounts
  4. Select a theme
    • Design a Logo
    • Create email addresses with blog domain name
    • Create Pages
      1. Main
      2. About
      3. Contact
      4. Privacy with a privacy policy
  5. Install a Search Box
  6. Build an E-mail list
  7. Install Google Analytics
  8. Add the blog to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster tools
  9. Optimize website’s internal SEO structure

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Section Four: Develop my blog topic list and narrow down to a manageable few

  1. Make a list of potential topics
  2. Identify my audience
  3. Answer why this topic is interesting and appropriate for me and my audience

Section Five: Start off slow and back off from there

(This is a mantra from a SEAL buddy that we used as a running strategy)

  1. Until I complete my Master’s studies in 12 weeks, this project took second place so as not to interfere with completion of that in-progress goal. Until completion of the Degree plan, I worked this endeavor as a tertiary to my day job and degree plan
  2. Then it became secondary to the primary job until it supplants that income.

Section Six: Continue putting in effort after I launch my blog even though I don’t see the result

Count the cost and buy best value products and services

Do not to waste time on techniques that don’t work for you.

Test one new traffic increasing technique each week until you determine what works for you.

Thinking leads to action and action leads to results. Don’t stop thinking, but don’t stop moving and just think either.  Keep thinking and keep moving!

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